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Community Volunteer

Since moving to Atherton I have been giving back to our community, initially, through my work in youth sports including AYSO and MALL where I served as a coach and board member (AYSO).  Later I was asked by the Mayor of Atherton to assist the Town as a member of the audit and finance committee where I helped write several operating procedures for the Town as well as leading staff members in the production of the Town’s first 5-year financial model. 



Town Involvement

 I have also spent considerable time working with many Town committees and regional boards. These include the Finance and Audit Committee, the Rail Committee, the Environmental Programs Committee, the New Town Center Committee, the Aircraft Noise Committee, the IT subcommittee, the Refuge committee, and the Bike/Pedestrian Committee.  I also serve on the Board of the Holbrook-Palmer Park Foundation, the SFO roundtable, the County Emergency Services Committee and the South Bayside Waste Management Board, where I served as Board Chairman. 

As a Councilmember

I have served twice as Mayor and am in my third term as Vice Mayor.  During my first term as Mayor, the Town achieved our first year of achieving a surplus which followed 8 previous years of deficit spending.  I pushed for restructuring of our staff and brought costs better in line with industry norms.  I also pushed for improved the Town’s transparency with new tools available to residents as well as through our outreach to residents.  I led the committee responsible for creating our Bike/Ped Master Plan and participated in the development of our Drainage and Park Master Plans which are all available to you on our Town’s website and which now drive our capital spending each year.  Additionally, and perhaps most importantly, we designed and built a new Civic Center and Library, which was the largest capital project the Town has ever undertaken and this was all done without new taxes.  I also led the development of our new contract with Green Waste which was the largest contract ever signed by the Town. These are just a synopsis of some key things we have accomplished, there is much more that needs to be done here

Services and Operations Executive

I am known as a senior-level services, operations and business development executive with a track record of successfully leading business units through growth, performance improvements, change programs and turnarounds resulting in substantial improvements in operational and financial performance while improving client satisfaction and retention.  I have over 30 years of experience in multiple industries and functions while operating in both domestic and international senior and line management roles at the forefront of the electronics, information technology, outsourcing and manufacturing industries at Fortune 50-size companies. I have also turned around several business units, launched e-learning and IT services product lines , restructured operations and negotiated and closed over $5B of international and domestic contracts.  I was recognized by the Pentagon for his innovative ideas and programs and subsequently was appointed to the US Congress’ Office of Technology Assessment Defense Diversification Committee.

Outsourcing Industry Expert

I was a key team leader in the winning and managed two of the largest outsource contracts in Europe, with a combined value of over $2.5B in the IT space while working for CSC.  Later I set up IC Engineering Outsourcing in the electronics industry winning over $300M in new contracts. I have also served on numerous panels and delivered lectures and literary contributions on CAD/CAM, process automation, outsourcing, defense strategies and contract negotiation.


I have worked as an Adjunct Professor of Computer Science at TCU and has spent over 4 years as a Professor teaching Operations Management at Menlo College.  Additionally I have served on the Board of Directors for the Florida State University School of Business and the TCU National Alumni Board. 

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