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"For 12 years Bill has faithfully listened to the residents of the Atherton community and put their needs and concerns at the forefront of his decisions.  He has been an effective, thoughtful leader and I’m proud to support him."

Anna Eshoo


CA 18th Congressional District

Rep Eschoo.jpg

“ I have known Bill for over 25 years, both on a personal and professional basis. His experience and job knowledge is so valuable to all that work with him. I highly endorse Bill for another term as a council member.”

Robert J. Silano
Menlo Park Fire District Board Director


During my time on the Council, much has been accomplished.  While serving my first term as Mayor, we achieved our first year of a budget surplus, which followed 8 previous years of deficit spending.  We restructured our staff and brought costs better in line with industry norms.  We also greatly improved the Town’s transparency with new tools available to residents as well as through our outreach to residents.  I led the committee responsible for creating our Bike/Ped Master Plan and participated in the development of our Drainage and Park Master Plans which are all available to you on our Town’s website and which help drive our capital spending each year.  Additionally, and perhaps most importantly, we designed and built a new Civic Center and Library, which was the largest capital project the Town has every undertaken and this was all done without new taxes.  Also, I led the development of our new contract with Green Waste which was the largest contract ever signed by the Town.


While the above was just a synopsis of some key things we have accomplished, there is much more that needs to be done here.  As such, I am rerunning for Town Council because I still believe we can do more to provide residents with a more transparent, financially sound, and accountable government.

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